About Us

The Wauzushk Onigum Foundation was founded in 1994 as an entity of the Wauzushk Onigum First Nation.  The Foundation has a dual mandate, firstly, they oversee the operations of the Golden Eagle Bingo Hall.  In essence, the Bingo Hall is the fund raising arm of the Foundation.  Secondly, the Foundation is responsible for distributing gaming revenues generated by the operation of the Bingo Hall.

As of 2015, the Foundation has distributed over $10 million dollars to the community of Wauzhusk Onigum and surrounding area.  This could take the form of annual allocations to the WON, housing stock, youth recreation, cultural assistance and support, and other initiatives which provide a benefit to the community and it’s members.

Directors of the Foundation are appointed by Chief and Council for a 4 year term during which they are responsible for the operations of the Foundation and reviews of funding requests.