Reporting and Accountability of Applicants

31. Successful project and some specific assistance applicants will receive a written confirmation letter of funding which will include the reporting requirements and any other conditions that must be met for charitable funding purposes.  Partial payments or a payment schedule may be deemed appropriate at times by the Foundation.  Projects will require a complete full budget submission and a complete full expense submission to the Foundation upon completion (especially projects over $10,000)

32. At a minimum, the Foundation will require as part of the successful applicant’s reporting requirements the following documentation:

32.1. Copies of receipts for funded activities and items including:

32.1.1. funding for Educational Assistance will require enrolment fees, books and supply receipts;

32.1.2. funding for Medical Related Assistance will require all documentations as per the Wauzhushk Onigum Nation Medical Services Policy, and will include confirmation of attendance at medical appointments;

32.1.3. funding for Sports and Recreation Assistance will require proof of registration payment for the applicant or his/her child;

32.1.4. funding for Capital Purchases will require receipts for all such purchases;

32.1.5. a one-page report for Projects and Events and final budget figures (total of revenues and expenditures), including:
a) the project or event that was planned;
b) the project or event that actually took place;
c) the key results of the project or event that took place;
d) the benefits to the Wauzhushk Onigum Nation community; and

32.2. A denial of assistance may result if an applicant has not fulfilled the reporting requirements as contained within the written confirmation of previously received funding.

32.3. Anyone found to “abuse” the financial assistance of the Foundation is subject to an outright six-month denial of assistance or longer as determined by the Foundation.  This denial of assistance is necessary to maintain the integrity of the Foundation, and to ensure those Wauzhushk Onigum Nation community members that really need assistance receive such assistance.

32.4. The Foundation will maintain a record of those who have abused the Foundation, the nature of the abuse and action taken by the Foundation.

32.5. For the purposes of this policy, “abuse” includes the following:

32.5.1. knowingly making a request for assistance when such assistance is not required;

32.5.2. providing false information or withholding information on the application in order to mislead the Foundation into providing funds;

32.5.3. acts of dishonesty, such as not declaring bingo winnings or other “windfalls”;

32.5.4. utilizing funds provided by the Foundation for something other than what the applicant requested such funds; and

32.5.5. continuous and regular reliance on the Foundation to provide assistance will not be accepted and will be looked into by Foundation Staff as directed by the Board.

32.6. Repeated abuse will not be tolerated by the Foundation and will result in future denial of assistance by an individual, group or organization.

32.7. Applications forms of the Foundation will include an Applicant Declaration that states that the Applicant has not won or come into possession of any “windfall” which includes lottery winnings, bingo winnings, inheritance or other similar monetary gain.