What the Foundation will fund

11. The Foundation will fund charitable activities related to the following, if the proper policy and procedures as contained within this policy, including those set out at section 9 of this policy, are followed:

11.1. Relief of poverty, which includes:

11.1.1. occasional financial help to individuals and families who may need financial assistance from time to time;

11.1.2 organized initiatives to improve child and family well-being;

11.1.3 assistance to Elders, where for the purposes of this policy “Elder” is a person who is 65 years of age or older and includes those on ODSP

11.1.4   supplementary funding for First Nations programs and services that aids in the relief of                poverty.

11.2. Examples of fundable relief of poverty activities include:

11.2.1.  nutrition supplement programs;

11.2.2. support for food banks;

11.2.3. clothing/furniture depots;

11.2.4. medical assistance for community members (including dental and vision) that will only be used to augment funds received from WON health programs for out of town medical trips to Winnipeg or Thunder Bay or other such location and include accommodations, meals and mileage.

11.2.5. the partial payment of half the “current charges” of hydro bills for Elders who are “low income” and ODSP during peak energy use periods (Nov – Mar) and consideration for April in cold years.

11.2.6. in the event of a funeral of “immediate family”, where for the purposes of this policy “immediate family” is defined as a spouse and children, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents on both sides taking place out of the Kenora area, the augmentation of funding received from the Wauzhushk Onigum Nation towards the costs to travel to the funeral; and

11.2.7. in rare situations emergency assistance, where emergency is defined as:
a) a death or impending death in the “immediate family”;
b) a life-threatening incident where the person in such a situation must travel for medical assistance;
c) incidents of domestic violence and a need to obtain temporary safety for victims of violence; and
d) natural catastrophic events that place community members at risk or displacement.

11.2.8. Under no circumstances will the Foundation fund the following:
a) prescription drugs outside of WON Medical allowances;
b) personal loans (refer to Expectations of the Foundation 7. On page 4);
c) repayment of any debt owing, including “Cash Store” loans;
d) rent of any kind;
e) hotel as a temporary accommodation, except domestic violence and act of nature;
f) travel expenses to or from the Wauzhushk Onigum Nation to visit;
g) reimbursement for money given to Wauzhushk Onigum Nation members;
h) automobile payments;
i) insurance of any kind; and
j) court ordered payments such as child support, fines or bail.

11.3. Advancement of education, which includes:

11.3.1. Activities that will encourage youth to stay in school;

11.3.2. Educational and informational workshops that target youth issues;

11.3.3. Activities that will provide learning opportunities and career advancement of and for youth;

11.3.4. The purchase of education supplies for students when no other funds are available;

11.3.5. A bursary or scholarship that rewards and encourages a member of Wauzhushk Onigum Nation enrolled in post-secondary studies and/or returning to school. Also see WON educational Legacy Fund and proof of funding refusal will be necessary;

11.3.6. Assistance with school-based extra-curricular activities when no other program funds are available. Proof of funding refusal will be necessary;

11.3.7. Assistance for special needs or educationally disabled/challenged children

11.4. Under no circumstances will the Foundation fund the following:

11.4.1. self-study or internet study;

11.4.2. costs associated with post-secondary education (due to excessive costs); Contact WON Band Office Re Educational Legacy Fund

11.4.3. education related activities that have not been recommended by the Education Program of the First Nation

11.5 Advancement of culture and heritage (religion).  The Foundation will partner in providing funding based on available funds for charitable activities that advance culture and heritage, where such activities include:

11.5.1 activities or events that bring the Wauzhushk Onigum Nation community together to learn or celebrate its culture and heritage and benefit the community as a whole, including community and cultural feasts and community Powwows;

11.5.2 occasional support to help with the upkeep, improvement or protection of Wauzhushk Onigum Nation cultural facilities and places of cultural significance;

11.5.3 community based initiatives geared towards traditional teachings, traditional knowledge and Anishinaabe language preservation;

11.5.4 events that bring together Wauzhushk Onigum Nation youth and Elders so that traditional teachings may be passed on to the next generation; and

11.5.5 helping to leverage funds to promote charitable activities that advance culture and heritage.

11.6 Under no circumstances will the Foundation fund the following:

11.6.1 activities for personal cultural or healing ceremonies as this an individual responsibility in accordance with Anishinaabe teachings and the individual is responsible for this;

11.6.2 operating costs for business/organizations of any kind.

11.7 Other purposes beneficial to the community.  The Foundation will partner in providing funding based on available funds for charitable activities for purposes deemed beneficial to the community, where such activities include:

11.7.1 organized Wauzhushk Onigum Nation projects that promote healthy living and healthy community relationships;

11.7.2 purchase of services to promote financial literacy and skills;

11.7.3 any organized program that furthers the goals of the Wauzhushk Onigum Nation’s “Oral Traditional Law of Children”;

11.7.4 the purchase of materials, equipment and supplies that directly benefit children that are within a Wauzhushk Onigum Nation program;

11.7.5 Wauzhushk Onigum Nation Community Events, including fishing tournaments, sporting tournaments, Treaty day, spring and fall harvest events, and March break events. This could also include after school activity days and field trips;

11.7.6 projects that promote Wauzhushk Onigum Nation community safety and crime prevention; and

11.7.7 sports and recreation activities for youth and adults within the following parameters:
a) the priority for funds will be for youth sports and recreation activities;
b) the Foundation will fund one (1) registration per child per seasonal sport;
c) assist in the rental fees for the playing surface for any event for all age groups;

11.7.8 if funds are available, consideration will be given to funding half adult sports and recreation groups providing that the group consents to fundraise half of the costs associated with any requests to the Foundation. Proof of fundraising may be asked for;

11.7.9 the Foundation will consider start-up costs associated with any fundraising initiative, such as initial food costs, etc. where in the reasonable opinion of the Foundation such costs are necessary to carry out the fundraising activity.