Individual Assistance GUIDELINES

33. The Foundation will utilize the guidelines set out in this section of the policy to aid in their determination of funding.

34. Assistance to Elders (65 or over) or persons on ODSP: The Foundation will assist, on an as needed basis, those Elders on fixed income (e.g. pension) who are resident on reserve or those registered Wauzhushk Onigum Nation members living off reserve.

34.1. If the Foundation provides assistance to an Elder, and it is later learned by the Foundation that such assistance was required due to any other person fraudulently or otherwise criminally interfering with that Elder’s financial resources, the Foundation has a duty to notify the appropriate authorities to investigate such activities.

35. Occasional Financial Help for Individuals and Families: The Foundation is committed to assisting low income individuals or families who are members of the Wauzhushk Onigum Nation and are in receipt of social assistance including Ontario Works, Disability Allowance or Employment Insurance.

35.1. For the purposes of this policy, “occasional” is defined as the individual or family is not receiving financial assistance from the Foundation on a regular or continuous basis over a twelve (12) month period.

35.2. Occasional assistance will not exceed a value of $150 per household per month and calculated up to the next expected assistance payment.

36. Individual Assistance is intended for basic needs of food and shelter for an applicant and on a case by case basis can accommodate families in need based on the size of the family.

37. Individual Assistance provided by the Foundation will be provided in the form of cheque, voucher, purchase order or other form as determined by the Foundation, to the appropriate service provider or vendor on a case by case and in consultation with the appropriate service provider.

38. In order to maintain the integrity of the Foundation, and to ensure that the financial resources the Foundation possesses benefits to those who truly need it, the Foundation will ensure that the assistance provided to individuals does not duplicate social, education or medical transportation assistance benefits, and as such:

38.1. The Ontario Works, Health Service and Education Service Provider or similar person employed by the Wauzhushk Onigum Nation or appropriate body will be informed of all financial assistance provided by the Foundation to an individual.  This is consistent with the Law Respecting the Wauzhushk Onigum Foundation and current and relevant Ontario Works Policy and other operating agreements signed by the First Nation.

38.2. It will be the responsibility of the Foundation to ensure this policy is current and relevant in relation to other governmental policies impacting assistance to individuals.

38.3. Additional assistance may be requested from the Foundation and may include:

38.3.1. Transportation, hotel accommodation and meals to attend family emergencies and funerals; Gas and Accommodation needs are likely to be done as purchase orders.

38.3.2. Clothing assistance requests.

39. Sports and Recreation Funding: sports and recreation funding will be reported under the charitable head of “other charitable purposes beneficial to the community”.

40. It is a Foundation priority to encourage the participation of as many youths as possible in sports and recreation as a means of enhancing their health, education success and quality of life.

41. The Foundation will provide assistance to those children who, without the help of the Foundation, would not be able to participate due to family economic circumstances.

41.1. For the purposes of this policy, “child” is defined as those persons from the ages of five (5) and twelve (12) years of age.

42. The Foundation can assist youth in school with registration fees for organized sports, tournaments and recreational activities.

42.1. For the purposes of this policy, “youth” is defined as those persons from the ages of thirteen (13) and eighteen (18) years of age.

43. In the case of a youth requiring travel assistance in their sport, the Foundation will assist youth up to a maximum of $250 per month per child. Applications must be made on an individual trip basis.

44. Applications under section 40 and 42 must be submitted no less than two (2) weeks before funds are due. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse assistance if the applications are not submitted/received within the stated time frame.

45. The parents of any child or youth receiving assistance from the Foundation for sports and recreation are responsible for submitting the necessary reports and documentation as per this policy.

46. Adult Sports and Recreation:  the Foundation may support adult WON member’s participation in team sports activity; however, the Foundation will prioritize funding for children and youth sports and recreation first and it is expected that half of the funds must be raised themselves.

47.  The Foundation believes that adult Wauzhushk Onigum Nation community members should have the ability to generate their own income to contribute to their sporting and recreational interests.

48. When funds allow, the Foundation will only consider funding adult Wauzhushk Onigum Nation members team sport registration once a year per team, and only where the majority of team members are confirmed as Wauzhushk Onigum Nation members.

49. It may become necessary for the Foundation to reduce funding of adult team sports on an annual basis if Foundation funds are restrictive.

50. Where funds are approved, Foundation contributions will be limited to 50% of registration fees with the remainder expected to be raised by the team.

51. All adult sports and recreational funding applications must specify the names of all team members, identification and signature of Wauzhushk Onigum Nation members, list of fund raising initiatives undertaken, amount raised, date of registration event and to which representative organization the funds should be paid.  Foundation funds are payable to the applicable payee and not an individual.

52. Applications for adult sport activities must be submitted no less than two (2) weeks before funds are due along with proof of fundraising. Foundation funds are not guaranteed.

53. A team representative will be named by team for purposes of receiving assistance from the Foundation, signing the confirmation letter for receipt of Foundation funds and for submitting the necessary reports and documentation as per this policy.